Kaabil Vs Raees Tug Of Word War: SRK Responds To Rakesh Roshan

The war of words between Raees and Kaabil seems to grow more and have taken some ugly turn. The initial issue of releasing the films on the 25th January did not go well with Rakesh Roshan because according to him, Kaabil preponed the release with the Raees. In their defence, Shahrukh cleared the air that Raaes was to release on 25th January and that is the reason why they have the regular show of full day while Kaabil released at 6 pm show on 25th January. 

After Raees and Kaabil were released at the box office on the same day it was expected that both the movies were to receive equal audience and box office collection but Rakesh Roshan was surprised to know that distributors chose to favour Raees over his film with 60:40 screens all over the country. 

Rakesh Roshan accused Raees team and threatened to quit the film industry if the trend continued to be same. In an interview to The Quint, he said, ” he was promised to get 50-50 screen share but that did not happen and he lashed out on the production team of Raees including Shahrukh Khan. “We are shocked, disappointed and terribly hurt! I had not expected this. That’s very hurtful to me and I feel betrayed because after talking to them they did this” said senior Roshan.  He also said, “This way I am straightaway losing 150 crores! Everybody from the producer, distributor, exhibitor and audience lose as they don’t have so much money to spend on two films. It’s not the lose-lose situation for all.”
In this tug of word war, Shah Rukh Khan responded to the claims and said, “I always keep my friendship and business separate and I feel It should be like that. They are my friends and I wished Hrithik and team Kaabil all the best. I hope their film does amazing business.”
When he was asked about the claims made by Rakesh Roshan, he said “If my dad would have been alive, I would have made him talk to Rakesh Ji. But I don’t have my dad with me now.”
Published by vaidehi on 30 Jan 2017

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