Kahaani Abhi Baki hai…

The only line that comes to my mind after watching the first ever trailer of Kahaani 2 was spectacular. From the released trailer it seems the story was become deeper and darker. Kahaani was superb with an extraordinary performance by Vidya Balan. Kahaani2 keeps the expectation high and we are not disappointed.

The whole trailer got us goosebumps . The thrill, the chills all are still intact, though some new characters and faces are to be seen in this part. The character also don’t disappointment. The story doesn’t start from where it has ended! Vidya Balan & Arjun Rampal are playing the lead. Arjun Rampal will be seen investigating the case of Durga Rani Singh who is hit by a taxi and is now in COMA. How he reveals the whole story of with so many revealtions.   It’s directed by Sujoy Ghosh.

The only thing that we can make out from the poster release and trailer is Durga Rani Singh, is ‘Wanted’ for murder & kidnapping.

But we are dying to know her Kahaani?

Published by vaidehi on 25 Oct 2016

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