Kardashian Sister in India: Kendell Jenner in a Vogue photo shoot with Sushant Singh Rajput

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The most making news celebrities are the Kardashians and her sister’s arrival in India seems to be a breaking news especially when she is seen with our Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput. Yes, it’s true that both of them were seen Jaipur making it the most sought-after event to watch for. This remained as secret unless both appeared in a photo shoot. True, it was a photo shoot for Vogue. There is no affair kind of things been reported between the two celebrities as of now.

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The picture is supposed to be on the Cover page of Vogue India. The great lensman Mario Testino is the man to shoot their marvelous picture here. Just take a look here; how ravishing they look. They would make perfect couple seems. Jenner leans on Sushant while both looking into the camera. Sushant is completely dressed up white in a stylish suit whereas Kendell wore an off-shoulder blouse with frills which turn out to be gorgeous with white chunky pants.

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Both of them gave a perfect shot with the right expressions on their face. Undoubtedly the credit goes to the world fame photographer Testino. There were many shots of the Diva in her glam outfits and deadly expressions. The background of the Royal edifice with many embellishments and architecture made all the snaps wholesome package of art with sensuous glam attached to it. You will not stop staring all the bit of each snap. Marvelous work Mr. Testino.

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Hats off to the designer who has created the magic in every look and feel of the world fame Model. All costumes have to say something and have every bit accentuated the model. The cover page of the magazine has Kendell not wearing anything under the Black colored sheer outfit which moreover seems to be trying to wrap a lady under its sheer fabric.

The way shoot has been captured is a masterpiece and Sexy is the word for all who teamed up with this outcome. This is the 10th Anniversary celebration of the Vogue India. The cover is scheduled to appear in the May month’s issue of the magazine. The world fame photographer for fashion photography Mario Testino has been flown to India for the shoot. The team up celebrities were Sushant Singh Rajput, Katrina Kaif along with Kendell Jenner. Katrina was there for some Towel shoots.

Sushant looked truly royal in all the shoots which comprise his single shots as well as along Jenner. He reportedly went to the airport to get along with the Top model Jenner.

Published by Mamatha on 04 May 2017

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