KATTI BATTI – Not as peppy as its Title.

Posted on September 18, 2015 at 4:05 PM

KATTI BATTI – Not as peppy as its Title.

KATTI BATTI – Not as peppy as its Title.

Where it could have been Kangana Kangana all the way; Director is busy making it Imran Imran all the way leaving you crave for more of Kangana until her next release. Katti Batti seems more of her guest appearance and seems to be a forceful re-launch of the little Khan riding high on Kanganas success. The girl delivers in a very little scope as well that’s Kangana. The boy even after having almost a re-launch fiddles on his performance. The overall Katti Batti turns out to be only Katti with very little Batti which stands almost neglible.


Nikhil Advani yet again fails to make an impact. It doesn’t seem anymore that HE is the same Director who gave us Kal Ho Na Ho. HE believed so much in that titled that it seems like he gave all what he had to his maiden feature thinking he may not have anything “kal” to offer to its audience. Last week his Hero turned out to be a Zero and this week his Katti Batti is more of Katti than Batti. And we need not mention names like Salaam-e-Ishq, or chandni chowk to china.


Katti Batti could have probably worked if it had any one other than Imran Khan playing Maddy. A crisp editing and a better shaped role of our Queen. Kangana’s role hardly has any screen-presence and in this small scope too her character shapes up only towards the end till then you wander to what this girl is up-to. And when you know what she is up to; you feel pity and that’s where the story goes for a toss and against its title. The guy of course has nothing to do than cry over her lost love which of course director fails to show the right sensibility forgetting what he himself is up to with Katti Batti – Making a Rom Com romantic comedy or making a salaam Namaste reloaded or reversing his own Kal Ho Na Ho Climax turning Kangana as female SRK the tragic ending. The director also beats around the bush and gets no where like his Hero who also beats around the bush with his so called instant formed band F.O.S.L.A and does all the non-sense to pick the girl on her wedding day or wedding blunder. Guys sister not only tortures him but the entire audience watching this non-sense is tortured additionally to bear her.  She has nothing to do in her life but to poke her nose in his brother’s life. Raksha Bandhan gone in reverse direction here.


Movie has some good numbers Lip to Lip is peppy and has some pepped up creativity in its execution raising the bar of your expectations. “Sau aassoon roye” but just musical; its visual is yet another tragic with wrong timing and wrong presentation.  Ove Jaaniya is a good number but fails to stir the soul as it comes in the few left over breaths.


Of all what Katti Batti has it is “Kangana” and all what Kangana has in Katti Batti is out in trailers for you all to enjoy.


PK Verdict: TIN**


– Prakash Khetpal

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