Know the reason why poor children holding the tickets were not allowed to travel in Delhi metro!

We as a human being are so busy to run in the race of earning money that we forget to help the people who may need us. People have quick judgments when it comes to poor and rich and their thinking also changes accordingly, which is true. In this article, I bring to you such matter and you after reading it decide for yourself whether it is correct or not. A  Delhi girl Shivanya Pandya saw 4-6 poor kids who got the tickets to travel in the Delhi Metro train but they were further stopped to enter in the train. On seeing this, Shivanya narrated the entire matter on Facebook and wrote about it and she also tried to reach the concerned authorities who could help her in the matter.

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Shivanya on her Facebook account has written,” 4-6 beggar kids have been denied entry in rapid metro station just now IndusInd Bank cyber city metro just because they were dressed shabbily and sweating even though they were paying fares still guards denied their entry.” She also further said that we as humans can go till how much extend when it comes to judging people. She also expressed that she was feeling very bad and she felt even bad feeling helpless.

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She adds up further saying that those kids were of 3-8 years old age group and we as citizens says that our nation is developing rapidly but the fact is that it is developing leaving the people behind. She further adds up on her account saying,” this nation has no place for transgender, LGBT, poor, backward classes. My country is not for its people. Iam sometimes ashamed seeing such incidents happening around yet government talking about development.” Well rightly said Shivanya and you make sense in every word you said.

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Not stopping here, she added up addressing,” Maneka Gandhi ministry of Women and Child Development, government of India Ministry of Social justice and Empowerment, Government of India President of India Narendra Modi Prime minister of India Ministry of Urban Development, government of India.” After doing such brave step, this incident was immediately taken care of by the minister fro Woman and Child development, Maneka Gandhi who tweets,” Widespread sensitization is required to curb incidents of discrimination against poor children. # Delhi Metro/1.”

Published by Mamatha on 04 May 2017

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