Do you Know the Possible Logics Behind These 10 Superstitions ?

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India is a land full of superstitious beliefs. Ever since our childhood, our elders have been telling us not to do certain things, but have never provided us with valid reasons. Has your mother ever instructed you to never wash your hair on Thursday, or never to sweep the floor after sunset? The list is pretty long, and we are meant to follow these instructions because following your mother’s and grandmother’s instructions become a matter of respect towards the ladies. In the time of technological advancement, we are bound to believe such superstitious things.

However, these things shouldn’t be ignored completely. As today, we have given some possible scientific reasons behind them. Have a look:

1- Not to wash hair on specific days like Thursday and Saturday:

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Our mothers have always adviced not to wash hair on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The reason is that washing hair consumes a lot of water, and this myth was practised to save water.

2- Hanging Lemon and Green Chillies outside Shops:

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The thread which is used to pierce the lemon and chillies absorbs the acid. The smell generated keeps the pests and insects away from the shop.

3- Myth behind fallen hair in the house:

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If you leave the fallen hair inside the house it may end up falling inside the food when the wind blows or you switch off the fan.

4- Not to leave dead person’s eyes open:

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It is done to make the dead person look like he is sleeping peacefully.

5- Eating Curd and sugar before going out:

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This is adviced to keep you cool and fresh after you head out in summer.


6- Sweeping the house after sunset:

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In ancient time, there was no electricity. Moreover, the light of lamps was not enough. There were chances for ornaments and precious items getting swept away.

7- Not to go out during an eclipse:

This is to avoid oneself from harmful UV rays.

image source

8- Not to cut nails or shave after sunset:

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In ancient times, there was no electricity. Cutting nails or shaving in darkness could result in cuts.

9- Women not allowed to do specific things During Menstruation:

image source

10- Bathing after a Funeral Ceremony:

image source

To prevent infection from dead body!


Published by Kanika Saini on 08 Dec 2017

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