Man Enters Salman Khan’s Building Galaxy Apartments In Absence Of Security Guard

It is not strange and uncommon to witness fans gathered around the residence of Bollywood celebrity just to get a glimpse of them. If you ever come to the dream-city Mumbai, you can easily spot huge crowd waiting for hours around the residence of Shahrukh, Amitabh etc.

Salman Khan also has a huge fan following. Last night, a man entered his building named Galaxy Apartments when the security guard wasn’t around.

Locals saw the man using the toilet of Galaxy apartment. Seeing this, they immediately informed the security guard who then called the police. The man was taken to Bandra Police Station for interrogation. He was released after the interrogation as no complaint was registered against him.

The man was identified as Mohd. Shirauddin. He is 25 years old and mentally unstable.

Published by Kanika Saini on 12 Jun 2017

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