Man Proposes To Girlfriend 148 Times Without Her Realizing

We have often heard that Love is blind but Ray Smith decided to keep his now fiancee in the blind while promising her 148 times without her getting to know. He decided to propose his girlfriend with 148 selfies and all of them without her knowing. In June 2015 when Ray found out that his girlfriend was pregnant, he started to shoot a selfie every day hiding the message “Will you marry me” on a piece of card in every picture with Claire and ultimately asked her out on Christmas Day last year. He told his girlfriend that he wanted to document her pregnancy.

It might be little creepy but utterly cute. Take a look at few pictures and the complete video at the end:

He held the message in family photos.

In some pictures, he kept it in the background

Sometimes he clicked it while she was asleep

He managed to place the note on the stairs without her noticing

Sometimes he caught her in candid moments

And sometimes it was amazing that she did not realise it

He managed to slip the note while kissing her belly

Another time she was sleeping, he slipped the note

Sometimes he got the help of his friends too

Every Day With a Cute Selfie Note

Found the Way at Zoo Also

Did she say YES finally? Of course, She Did. Here’s the complete video for Ryan’s attempt:



Published by vaidehi on 17 Feb 2017

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