Marriage advertisement queries: Is Geeta a non-vegetarian and will she go back to Pakistan

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The ‘matrimonial ad’ shared on the most popular social networking site Facebook, for Geeta, has magnetized a flood of reactions from all over the nation, with match seekers questioning on her food likings, religious conviction and many other things.

Sign language specialist Gyanendra Purohit stated, “During the day, we received as many as 12 video calls from several states. The maximum was from Odisha, followed by Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal. The candidates showed their interest to marry Geeta.”

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The sign language specialist, who assisted Geeta as an interpreter in India when she was in Pakistan, had put up the ad on his ‘FB’ handle on Thursday, searching for ‘handsome, deaf boy over 25 for India’s daughter Geeta’.

Gyanendra Purohit got a flood of queries: What if Geeta has to go back to Pakistan, What’s her religious conviction and Is she a vegetarian or non-vegetarian as she lived for about 14 years in Pakistan?

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“Geeta had informed me that she is a Hindu by religion and her food preference is vegetarian. So I posted these answer to their queries,” Purohit said.

Three ‘applicants’ have already forwarded their biodata, Gyanendra Purohit added.

Gyanendra Purohit added that the biodata has been sent to the Bureau of External Affairs since minister Sushma Swaraj will take the verdict about the Pakistan-returned female’s wedding and, yes, Geeta will take the final decision, added Purohit.

‘Overwhelming’ reaction to the advertisement:

Purohit stated, “Geeta will be shown the biodata after consent is received from the authorities.”

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Purohit is delighted at the ‘awe-inspiring’ reaction to the advertisement.

“We have also circulated the ad on WhatsApp groups of deaf-and-mute users as it is a means of getting faster results” Purohit stated, adding that the final objective is to discover Geeta’s real parents.

“The last few years of search for Geeta’s parents have proved futile. Sushmaji once told me that Geeta wants to marry and the search for her parents can be continued after the wedding,” Purohit also said.

Published by Mamatha on 17 Apr 2018

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