Meet the First Female Graduate Cab Driver from Gujarat

Most commonly, we hear some sad and depressing stories of people on the internet. Some of them allegedly commit suicide in order to end up their life abruptly. We have seen several students giving up their life because of their educational stress and other love breakups. Here is the story of a girl that Humans of Amdavad had shared on the internet. In order to fulfil her passion and desire towards driving, this girl had started learning driving and is working as a driver for Uber cabs. The interesting thing is that this girl is pursuing her PG in Architecture in Gujarat. Check out her complete story!

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This Girl Breaks Several Stereotypes of Society

Here is the story of the girl who broke down all the stereotypes of people in the current generation. In the year 2016, she completed her graduation from Jaipur and started pursuing PG at CEPT Ahmedabad. She had worked very hard during her graduation and completed all the projects with much dedication. She then thought that completing the assignments and other projects assigned by the University appeared quite hard and hectic for the girl.

She then thought of doing something innovative and adventurous kind of thing. The girl then started exploring about her passion in life. She fed up with the routine monotonous life style. Thinking of some change in her life, she then planned to fulfil her dream o driving. She contacted Ola Cabs or the job but they rejected her for being a young girl and assumed that she couldn’t drive properly.

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The girl then turned towards Uber Cabs and become a female chauffeur. The daily routine of this girl is to start at 8.30 AM in the morning, attend to the college till 5 in the evening. She will once again start driving from 6 PM in the evening till 10 PM in night. Despite having hectic schedule, the girl enjoys her job as well as her education. Some of the riders will tell stories about their life and she loves listening to them. This way, she is currently leading her life happily accomplishing all her dreams.

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From the inspirational story of this girl, we need to understand that just listen to your mind and heart. Just go on doing that without listening to non-sense from others. She has now become a great inspiration for all the women.


Published by Mamatha on 15 Apr 2017

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