Meet the Winners of India Banega Manch Amit & Sakshi; It’s just a Beginning for them

The concluding episode of the popular show, India Banega Manch, was not only a commemoration of ability but in addition, complete leisure. Came forth as winners of the popular show on Colors TV, Goan dancers Amit Rajput and Sakshi Kurtarkar won the most coveted award along with cash prize of Rs 11 lakh.

The talent reality show by BBC Worldwide Entertainment boast of competitors showing their talents in the presence of the public, and whoever enticed more viewers, was declared as the champions. 16 such champions combated it out in the culmination.

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The show was hosted by popular comedy star Krushna Abhishek and Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi fame actress Mona Singh. The popular show India Banega Manch adopted its set-up from victorious Israeli format, Win the Crowd.

With sentiments ‘Ultimate Talentbaaz’ the winners of India Banega Manch pour their spirit to media people on how the show was the hardest challenge for them.

“In other competitions, you need to just impress a couple of judges but here we had to hold the attention of as many people as we could. Also being Latin dancers, we were scared for the form is not too popular in India yet and we could have lost our audience if we were not very entertaining,” added Sakshi.

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Dancing mutually for last 3 years now, the media people questioned them what turned them shine in front of other contestants, an emotional reacted, “I think our hard work and discipline. We gave our heart and soul for this competition and we couldn’t have been happier at the moment holding this trophy.”

The girl was full of praise for all contestants and stated, “Every talent has its own beauty and every one of us in the competition have really worked hard. This show was a really tough task and I really didn’t want any of us to lose. For us, all the finalists were winners for they really fought their way to come this far.”

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Finally, stating that it is just the beginning for them, Amit told, “We have been wishing to participate in international competitions but due to lack of funds, we had to back out. Now we will finally fulfil our dreams with the help of the winning prize money. Also since we are more of performers, we haven’t really thought about choreographing at the moment.”

Published by Mamatha on 17 Jul 2017

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