All you need to know about different colored Milestones which help you find a right way

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You have always seen while going on the highways or any other roads, those yellow, white, green and black colored milestones. But do you ever wondered what these colored milestones are for or why they all have different colors and why they are installed?

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Let us tell you, they all tell us different hidden meanings that are related to road codes. Once you get to know about these milestones, you will never forget your way:

1. Orange colored Milestones

These orange colored landmarks are usually found near the Village or rural areas roads. If you will see these stones next time on your way, it means you are going towards a rural area.

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2. Green/ Turquoise Milestone

Green milestones indicate that you are crossing the State Highway.

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3. Yellow Milestones

When you found yellow landmarks in your ways, that means you are crossing the National Highway. Yellow Milestone indicates National Highways.

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4. Black or White Milestones

Black Milestones suggests that you are moving towards any big city or district. While white also indicates the same.

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Well, not only wanderlust, any person should know this in case you forget your way.

Published by Soniya Kaur on 14 Apr 2018

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