Only Modi Will Get Special Welcome In London, Travel In Luxury Sedan Limousine

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone to Sweden and the UK for the 5-day tour to participate in the Commonwealth Summit where the heads of 52 nations will also be present. Well, the best part is that only Prime Minister Narendra Modi will get special treatment, as he will be the one who will go from the luxury Sedan limousine till the Commonwealth Summit Venue.

However, no other head can be able to feel the luxurious treatment of the car except Modi. Apart from this, Modi will have only talks with British Prime Minister Theresa. He is the one among the three heads of state who have been invited to the private meeting at Buckingham Palace.

The President of Pakistan is also joining the summit, but he is not being given the same importance as Modi to travel in world’s longest limousine.

Well, you must be gushing what is the specialty of the limousine, then here you go:

The world’s longest car was designed in the 90’s and called as Dream of America. People talk about the length of this car as they can finish their morning walk after having a round of this.

However, due to lack of maintenance at the current time, the condition of the limousine is poor. This car has long been lying in a warehouse in New Jersey. According to media reports, it may soon be seen in the new look before Modi’s arrival.

Published by Kajal Thakur on 17 Apr 2018

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