“Moustache Pay” Indian Police Officers Being Offered Additional Money To Grow Moustache

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Police in Madhya Pradesh state is being paid to grow moustaches because bosses believe it makes them command more respect.

This news may sound strange to you, but it is true. A separate allowance is given to the police in Madhya Pradesh. Believe it or not, but this is what happens in Madhya Pradesh. Getting such an allowance can be a strange news, especially for Modern Western culture, but there is a logic behind all this.

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Jhabua district Police chief Mayank Jain came up with an idea during a seminar when he noticed that the police officers who had moustaches were getting looks of respect from others in the room, so it made logical sense to benefit from this additional respect.

Police chief Mayank Jain told -“The response is growing and in the months ahead we expect to see more moustachioed policemen.”

“Moustaches are improving the personalities of our constables. They are acquiring an aura of their own. They are creating a positive impression on the local people and getting a lot of respect.”

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Mr Jain said he was keeping a watch on the shape of the moustaches so that they did not look too intimidating, and so have the opposite effect on people.

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Then Mayank Jain came up with the idea that the police officer who increases the moustache will be given an additional payment of 30 rupees. Although this payment is not much and this extra payment goes in the maintenance of their moustache. This news seems to be interesting in reading but it is also a fact of the police.


Published by Aditi Upadhyay on 09 Jan 2018

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