Mr X | Preview | Cinema

Posted on March 10, 2015 at 7:44 PM

Mr X | Preview | Cinema

MR X – Could be MR Y or MR Z or MR A or anything.


Bhatts are back with their killer combo – Emraan Hashmi + Kiss + heroine MINUS a HIT.

MR X the trailer doesn’t seem to be as impressive as expected. Very very mediocre with some editing defect too. {Horizon Towers scene – for those who want to nib it. Being Invisible is the Key thing in Mr. X. Something which people are still not over with MR India the classic or the earlier generation who witnessed MR X. Hoping this MR X to elevate the expectation with the edge of technology available in this era – however looking at the trailer it doesn’t seem to be. And any comparisons made to the earlier invisible ventures would not be fair as this one doesn’t seem to be standing any close to any of them for now.



Before even we watch the movie; more or less they give away the entire plot or say we can make it out very easily without much efforts. It’s a story of Raghu Ram Rathore – yes all one name that is probably is rubbed wrong by the law holders and probably killed brutally or accidentally and comes back for revenge. Since its Emraan Hashmi plus Bhatt camp; they can’t get away with kiss and hence the heroine who would dance around, swim around, whisper around and kiss. In her second outing post the dud Isaaq Amrya Dastur is back in the not so promising venture. Towards the end of the trailer there is a dialogue from the HERO in the Heroic narration some 70-80 stereotype dialogue “Main woh Raghu Ram Rathore nahi jo kaanoon k daayre main rehkar naa insaafi bardasht karega. Main woh MR X hun jo kaanoon todkar insaaf karega”. Hence Proved X – Raghu Ram Rathore. A wrong echo coming from the camp probably responsible in major way to influence society. Agar shaitan chupkar kaam raha hai toh bhagwaan ko bhi chupkar kaam karna hoga. Dialogue Writer – Cheers!!! What a logic 😉


Bhatts well known to pull the crowd with their Hit formulae of Emraan, a kiss and some great music. With this first trailer; we couldn’t witness much on the music part as it’s a theatrical one for now. We are hopeful with the musical outing though if this is not impressive – that would better be for a decent opening. Else the audience may go invisible in this MR.X.

Rating –  Tin** (2 stars )


– Prakash Khetpal

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