Muslim Cleric Who Declined To Give Rs 10 Lakhs Reward to Sonu Nigam Reminisces about Few Dhokas

Sonu Nigam recently appears most frequently on the media and news for his controversial statements about Azaan. Due to his controversy, one of the clerics made an announcement of giving a reward of Rs 10 Lakhs for a person who shaves Sonu Nigam’s head. Adding to it, the cleric also said that people who places a garland of old ragged shoes around his neck and drive him all over the country. The priest made some statement for Sonu Nigam’s alleged comments on Azaan.

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Despite challenging a reward of Rs 10 Lakh openly to people who shaves off the head of Sonu Nigam, the singer had made a bald move. The singer hadn’t wait for someone to do that for him instead he himself shaved off his head totally bald. He then made his presence in front of the media after shaving off his head. In order to keep up his promise, Sonu Nigam had shaved off his head. Here are some things unfulfilled by Sonu Nigam. Check it out!

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Fake Statements of Maulvi

There are some other things left over in the statements of the cleric. He also told to place a ragged show garland around the neck of Sonu Nigam. This is something not done by Sonu Nigam, says Syed Sha. So, there might not be any need in giving the reward of Rs 10 Lakhs.

Sonu Nigam has not done all the things I asked for, two out of the three things remain unfulfilled: Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi on fatwa.

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He also tweeted as “Will give reward of 10 lakh, only when he does rest two-garland of old torn shoes and tour around the country: VP, WB Minority United Council.”

This statements from Syed Sha would definitely make Sonu Nigam burn with anger. After these statements from others, we are not even aware whether the Maulvi pays the reward to Sonu Nigam or not. We can tell anything as of now. Only time decides what has to do with the raging things. Not only has this promise but there are some other promises that this cleric had broken up in the past as well. Check out the promises!

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Published by Mamatha on 20 Apr 2017

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