My Bun, Her Oven!! This Story Of Twin Sisters Is Definitely More Than Your Normal Sister Love

Some call it a Labor of Love and some named it the gift of a twin.  For me, it was both.
A Long Island woman named Dawn Policastro(R) gave birth to her twin Allison Dinckelacker’s baby after cancer stopped the sister from getting pregnant.
Six years ago, twin Allison Ardolino-Dinkelacker was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer while she was 30-weeks pregnant with her first child. And she immediately went for her chemotherapy with that having emergency C-section, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. But after few years, her husband wanted to add one more member in their family and so they asked Dawn Policastro to be their surrogate mother, for she had two sons herself.

Here is the story of two sisters named as Labor of Love!!

The journey started from Allison Dinckelacker’s and Dawn Policastro as twins

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And Then After years Dawn Became Allison’s Surrogate Mother

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They Got to know the gender of the baby too

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Dawn’s unconditional support and love made this a distinctive story of Kinkship

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This Love of sisters is certainly more than any other twin love.

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