The Mystery Behind Subhash Chandra Bose’ Death Is Revealed And Will Leave You Shocked

Subhash Chandra Bose was an Indian Nationalist who died in an air crash on 18th August 1945 as per the reports. However, there seems to be a mystery behind Bose’ death hence, Indian government had appointed three commissions (The Shah Nawaz Committee (1956) and Khosla Commission (1970)), who stated that he died in a plane crash. However, the Mukherjee Commission (1999) said that he did not die in an air-crash. Shocking, isn’t it?

The government had rejected the findings of the Mukherjee Commission but that did not stop them from finding the truth.

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Paris-based historian J B P More recently, revealed that Bose was still alive in 1947. He said, “It is not stated in the document that Subhas Chandra Bose died in the air crash in Taiwan. Instead, it is reported that Bose’s present whereabouts were unknown as late as December 1947, which again implies that the French did not buy the theory that Bose died in the air-crash on August 18, 1945.”

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According to More, Subhash Chandra did not die in a plane crash. “But he escaped from Indochina alive and his whereabouts were unknown as late as December 11, 1947, as reported in the secret document. This implies that he was alive somewhere but not dead in 1947.”

He further said, “Archival Information on Subhas Chandra Bose.” “In this report, it is clearly stated that he was the exchief of the Indian Independence League and a member of Hikari Kikan, a Japanese organisation. It is further stated clearly that he escaped from Indochina, though it does not state how.”

Even the Japanese and British said that Bose died in an air crash after he took a flight from Saigon to Tokyo. However, the French government always stayed mum about this matter.

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More said, “Very quickly after the Japanese debacle and surrender on 15th August 1945, the French arrived in Saigon, along with British troops and took charge of Saigon. But unfortunately they left no direct accounts of Bose’s death in the air crash. They had never endorsed the theory that Bose died in the crash.”

Will the mystery behind Subhash Chandra’s death be ever solved? What do you think?

Published by Harmisha Chauhan on 17 Jul 2017

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