Naam Shabana – un-nurtured Baby.

Naam Shabana – un-nurtured Baby.

Naam Shabana marketed as a prequel to Baby rides high on the highly appreciated performance of the actor Taapsee Pannu as Shabana in Baby. That was the jaw dropping performance and audience craved for more. This one turns out to be an over dose.


Taapsee Pannu is a performer and she succeeds to perform. It is the plot that is so loose that it allows you to step out, swipe your phone and yawn. Baby was the over the edge thriller that made you sit tight on your seat from frame one; Naam Shabana borrows the Baby’s high octane background score but executes it on low intensity scenes not letting the film nurture the way it should have been.


The film opens at an impressive note and within minutes you sulk in your seat wondering where the film is going. For a while, you wonder if you are watching PINK Returns. Your aptitude questions you if they were being watched continuously why they didn’t come to rescue. You pat your back as next you see Taapsee asking the same question to the person at the other end of the phone. Answer is real silly to that one.


They claim that their agency tracks almost 15,000 such potential candidates who fit the bill right to join their agency and only 4-5 are selected out of those. This logic highly fails to impress when you see their agency people fail to nail it n number of times.

They are not even close to fitness mantra forget specialized training, they are obese with bad sense of humor or intellect.


The film though claims to be a prequel stating Her story before the Baby, the plot is hardly being worked upon unlike the marketing strategy. First half leaves you disappointed thoroughly, it is only during the second half that you are get engaged. The high octane background score same as that of Baby makes you feel as if you are watching Baby with appearances from Danny, Anupam Kher etc. Akshay Kumar has little more presence than the guest appearance role, he is impressive. However, don’t know what made Director drag him the actress in two scenes making her look weak wherein she is strong than anybody else in the movie than be it music, songs, dialogues or say story.

Alas, Naam Shabana is un-nurtured Baby.


PK Verdict: Just Silver 2.5*s

Published by vaidehi on 30 Mar 2017

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