Neil Nitin Mukesh’s Wedding Invititations Have Been Sent And They Are Regal AF

Bollywood actor Neil Nitin Mukesh and his fiance Rukmini Sahay is

Neil Nitin Mukesh’s Wedding Card Is Regal AF

gearing up for the wedding festivities between February 7 to 9 in Udaipur.

Neil has sent out the wedding invitation cards to his close friends and family.  The regal invitation card is designed with the timeless theme of family heritage and lineage.

The card looks like a coffee table and seems like each page is narrating the love story of the 70s. From the mirror image of NR initials engraved on two peacock emblem to the textured suede mounted box to carry the invite, the family has left no stone unturned to ensure that it becomes a timeless memory for all the guests.

 The card open with the lines from the famous film ‘Shor’ setting the tones for pages ahead.Each wedding function is expressed through the evergreen songs of legendary singer and grandfather Mukesh on butter paper sheets.

The card has been compiled by Delhi-based celebrity designer card maker Ravish Kapoor. He said, “Neil wanted to create a vintage looking card with the acknowledgement of his legendary past and homage to legendary grandfather and his timeless music. The card is timeless, just like Mukesh’s songs, and love itself.”

Neil thanked Ravish Kapoor through his Instagram and twitter page. He wanted to keep the invitation very person and for that, the compilation of memories through his grandfather’s songs suited the occasion. He said, ” It is like a series of love ballads springing to life and I’ve already received so many calls from well-wishers telling me how much they have loved the thought behind the invite.”.


Rukmini comes from the aviation industry and both the families know each other well. She completed her education in Aurangabad.


Published by vaidehi on 23 Jan 2017

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