New Hairstyle of Ravinder Jadeja gets bashed by RCB Batsmen! Read the full story!

The T20 Cricket IPL fever is rolling down everywhere in the country. People are so much engrossed and connected with their favorites playing the match and are in full swing to support their favorite team. This year the IPL T20 Cricket premier League is making its 10 success year and winning this title means a lot for every team participating in the League. The start of the event was brilliant and is all heading towards getting the best teams in the race of the finale. The fans of the players go insane when their players are on the field and the same was seen in the match played against the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Player Ravinder Jadeja is the man who is known to run for increasing score and is much liked by the audience. He is cracker playing in Gujarat Lions team and the match played against Royal Challengers today has made his most expensive spell in the entire series to bring in the dome of light. The man Jadeja has conceded 57 runs in four overs as the batsmen of RCB has taken him to the cleaners. Well, for such instance what was put to be highlighted was his new Beard style.

 The people using the social networking sites have got insane when they were seen bashing the beard style soon after Jadeja went for an economic rate of above 14. Soon after, there were photos animated and photoshopped the Ravinder’s beard style. People were seen making fun of it comparing it with other funny photos. The RCB’s heartthrob Virat Kohli could not stop his laughter on seeing the new beard style of Ravinder on the grounds.

On the other side, Jadeja was also said to be pointing to the beginning of the end of the match because of his beard trend. Being straight forward moan, his new beard style was not liked by Chris Gayle and soon the people have started to give in their views on the new Beard trend set by the Cricketer Ravinder Jadeja. People were also seen saying that a man will be a man even if he does not have a stylish beard or a beard for that matter. Well, Jadeja, you got to be careful with your next upcoming matches and buckled up for the loss as all the eyes are now focused on you because of your new stylish Beard.

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Published by Mamatha on 19 Apr 2017

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