Nike on Team India’s New Jersey

Nike, the 12-year-old official kit and apparel sponsor of the Indian Cricket team, has unveiled a new ODI kit for the team with a new jersey having a slogan ‘Self-belief’ on their jerseys. BCCI launched an official poster of this very new jersey on their twitter account. Indian cricket players will be wearing this jersey starting with the ODI series against England that will take place in Pune, Maharashtra. Indian cricket team will be seen using this ODI kit starting from January 15th, 2017.

One of the posters released featuring cricket players from both the genders, male and female. MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, R. Ashwin, Mitali Raj, and Harmanpreet Kaur got their way in this poster.

In one another poster, a couple of other players from both the male-female team joined in. Here is a look at another poster filled with our favorite Indian cricket players.

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This new kit is designed only for taking the feedback from the players. So, this new jersey is having a number of features associated with it. These new features are 4D quickness, a feature which focuses on multi-directional and multi-dimensional quickness while stretching. Other than this, there this another feature which called ‘zero distraction’, it is all about minimizing the distractions on the field and making the best use of it through accentuating in performance. There is one more feature of this jersey, tuned breathability feature. It will help to maintain the body temperature of the player, even in harsh conditions. Also, MS Dhoni, the former Indian captain, stressed on how a fine kit helps a player to perform well in the game.

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The look of this new jersey is quite different from the previous one. The darker sleeves of the jersey giving it a more athletic look.

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Published by vaidehi on 19 Jan 2017

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