Nirbhaya case verdict: A Justice or a Mockery of the Indian Women’s Modesty in India

A few days earlier we have come across with the apex court verdict on the Nirbhaya Case. Indian public welcomed the fast verdict. All news channel made the headlines that the justice has been brought to the brave heart sole of Nirbhaya. The four among the six accused has been sentenced to death whereas one of them died in prison during the trial and the sixth was released being a juvenile. Was the credibility of Indian judicial System upheld with this decision? I don’t think so. All of us know about the sixth accused being the main culprit and the most brutal, still, he is moving free.

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On December 13, 2012, six men gang raped Jyoti Pandey whom we know as Nirbhaya in the bus at night. Muhammad Afroz is the sixth man to do this heinous crime who, not only raped the girl twice and also put the iron rod inside her private parts to pull her uterus out. This developed the infections in her body and destroyed Jyoti’s intestine completely, leading to her demise after 13 days of the continuous battle for life. He, being a juvenile as per his government school certificate was sent to a Juvenile correction home where he spent 3 years and afterward released.

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In the juvenile home Muhammad Afroz was kept in the cell with one of the Blast militant, After being moved out from there, his behavior turned out to be more religious and more like an Islamic Fundamentalist. Also, he showed no regrets for his inhuman crime. Even after seeing such negativity our judicial system allowed him to rehabilitate him with a disguised identity. He has been shifted and been employed in a dhaba at one of the cities in South India.

Instead of being punished, such a barbaric criminal is enjoying govt support to be established in Indian society and to much of surprise, that, the one being supported can’t be trusted to not repeat a crime against the women or against the society as a militant. He was treated as a juvenile throughout the trial even after not actually being proved by the bone test for detecting the age of a person which was demanded. He was acknowledged as a juvenile only on the basis of the school certificate.

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This is a real mockery of the Indian laws and the flaws within the legal system. The time has come to revisit such legal framework which does not accord full justice, especially to the women. A letter has been written to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to change the law in such cases. He who can do such crime is by no means a juvenile.

Published by Mamatha on 09 May 2017

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