Poorna – Realistic Cinematic Fullness.

Poorna – Realistic Cinematic Fullness.

Courage has no limits and neither the passion nor the friendship. Rahul Bose brings us a biography that is just not inspirational but an eye opener as well. It moves your inner soul to many things. The line he states in the film “At times, you don’t make choices, choices choose you”. Poorna is one such choice happened to him that he ended up producing and directing the film in 11 days. It’s a small BIG film; a must watch.


Poorna is the real story of the youngest Indian girl to climb Mt. Everest. Her camaraderie with Priya her neighborhood friend is indeed the crux to her success, a simple belief in friendship that at times is the only force that allows you to reckon; Poorna showcases that brilliantly. From no reason to climb the peak, friendship becoming the only reason to climb the peak, Poorna does the undoable, an amazing human story.


Hailing from the tribal village, the two young girls decide to flee out of their village to a school that provides a complete meal and education too. However, the fate wasn’t in their favor. One was beaten up and was forced to marry other pursued to convince her Dad to get her to the school and this was Poorna.


Rahul Bose who plays Dr. R.S. Praveen Kumar who is the secretary of the Educational society Poorna is part of, is himself a Harvard Student, quits his job in Police Department to cater social responsibility. He is a game changer who brings Poorna back to school who otherwise eloped from school citing poor management.


She accidently happened to attend the Rock Climbing and destiny chooses her. Her journey begins. Whenever she visited family, her heart vouched for her friend who was suppose to be in the school with her than being pregnant. The dreams that they both dreamt of achieving education, Poorna was the only lucky one to live it. Priya was happy to see Poorna’s achievement and saved her couple of times from the wed-lock. Poorna continued to stay in touch with Priya through letters. While getting closer to her mission, Poorna looses her friend Priya forever due to poor medical conditions.


She feels guilty of not being there for a friend when she needed the most and this thought disturbs her so much so that she quits Operation Everest.


What brings her back to the zeal is again the dream of her friend, an unposted letter to her that she received at the niche of time, putting her back to the dream of achieving the goal and Poorna doesn’t look back. In spite of all the odds, avalanche, bad weather, bad health, she continues her zeal thinking of her best friend and achieves the success of climbing the Mt Everest being the youngest girl in the world at the age of 13years and 11 months creating history.


The child artist Aditi Inamdar has brilliantly executed her role and performs at her best. Rest of the cast too is just in the skin of the film. The look and feel of the film is simple and convincing without much drama the films is quite realistic the way a biography should be. A scene when the screen goes pin drop silence at the end on her mission where her family is rejoicing her victory leaves a huge impact without a sound. That’s the passion for cinema, that’s Rahul Bose. Bringing in the moment of pride brilliantly making the success echo without a noise.


Poorna is indeed a cinematic fullness. Go for it. Cheer it out.


PK Verdict: Gold Plus 4.5*s

Published by vaidehi on 30 Mar 2017

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