Popular Writer Javed Akhtar’s Priceless Gift to Karan Johar’s Twins will make your Day

One must never look at the value of a gift. A gift itself is quite valuable wherein we can see their heart in presenting such precious presentation to us. In the world, there are a lot of talented artists who have skills and abilities to bring life in their arts, writings and even paintings. It is only in the hands of the artists who could make their arts eternal and memorable to a person all through their life. Despite the paintings or writings, we can witness the experience and proficiency within an artist that could eventually turn into a typical masterwork.

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As we all know, Karan Johar, the popular actor, director and producer had become a father of twin babies in the recent times. He named the two kids with the names Yash and Roohi. Being a single father, Karan had to look after his kids with much care and love. When Karan becomes a father, many of the celebrities from the Bollywood film industry have wished him through several social networking websites. Many of them presented some valuable gifts on the occasion of arrival of twin babies.

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Exceptional & Most Adorable Gift to Karan’s Kids

Here’s the most adorable gift to the babies from Javed Akhtar. Javed Akhtar is the popular Indian poet, lyricist and the screenwriter who had worked for several Hindi films. This 72-year old Javed had gifted a priceless gift to Karan Johar’s twins, Yash and Roohi. The internet has started flooding the internet with their shares and likes. Being a writer, Javed Akhtar penned two different poems for both the kids separately.

Usually, all the writings of Javed will definitely mesmerize us and now, this is a masterpiece among the writings of Javed. Some unexpected things usually happen in everyone’s life and those things will make you extremely happy forever. Just like that, Karan Johar blessed with twin babies and as of now, he is enjoying his fatherhood. Javed had written a poem with few lines for the two little kids and framed it within an unusual memento.

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Soon after receiving the gift, Karan Johar shared news with all his fans and followers through his Twitter handle as:

Thank you Javedsaab….this will always remain truly special to us….we love you lots!! Yash….Roohi… and me…..@Javedakhtarjadu

There is one more gift for his other twin Roohi:

Thank you so much Javedsaab @Javedakhtarjadu….

Soon after sharing about the gift he received from Javed, Twitteratis have started showering their tweets about the priceless gifts:

  • “Brought back so many memories of Yash uncle and tears to my eyes. Can’t imagine what you felt reading it, Karan”
  • “How beautiful”
  • “Beautiful and touching. Karan, your children will have memories of their Dada Ji through your family and friends.”
  • “Heart-wrenchingly beautiful”
  • “Oh ho! Great poetry, but so many expectations already. Be happy and may all your dreams come true, little Yash & Roohi!”
Published by Mamatha on 14 Apr 2017

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