Prime Minister Modi halted speech after hearing the Azaan!

The topic of labeling Forced religiousness by the singer Sonu Nigam seems to have no end. Right from the time of insulting the morning Azaan happening nearby his house that the singer woke up to, people have started to blame the singer for insulting the Azaan in his posts. Though Sonu Nigam has proved up his point and is still standing by his posts, the singer is being trolled all from people across the country.  People were rising up their opinion against and also in support of Sonu. Related to this matter, we also saw few videos been circulated in the social media that shows how few personalities pay respect when they hear Azaan.

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Recently, the video of Salman Khan while shooting for the famous Big Boss 8 Press conference has halted for a while on hearing the noise of the Azaan was circulated which indicates that the actor has huge respect for the prayers of Azaan and shows his religious side to us. Likewise, the video with the same constraint of the Prime Minister Narendar Modi has been circulated where Modi during addressing a rally at Kharagpur halts for a while on hearing the Azaan.

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Prime Minister Narendar Modi’s greater side!

In West Bengal during the Assembly polls in the year 2016, the PM Narendar Modi was in the West Midnapore district’s BNR ground doing his campaign and addressing the rally. As the PM heard the noise of Azaan coming from nearby Mosque, Modi stopped his speech immediately in between and took a halt till the Azaan completed. After completing the Azaan he began with his sayings. He was asked by the nearby people to continue but Modi asked them to wait patiently.

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Not listening to anyone standing near him, Modi listened to his inner soul and resumed his speech only after the Azaan got over. This side of Modi will made many fall in love with him more and the respect for him grows even more. Moreover, Modi has also added in his speech saying that his speech should not act as a hindrance to someone’s “Pooja-Path”. This sweet gesture makes you feel different about our PM Modi who is leaving no stones unturned to make the County a greater place to live. The video of the happening is circulated on the social streams; you can go and watch the video for yourself. See the other side of our PM Modiji, perhaps we haven’t witnessed before.

Published by Mamatha on 20 Apr 2017

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