Quickly lose your weight with these homemade drinks!!

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Is your weight increasing at a rapid pace with each passing day? Do you spend hours sitting in front of computer in your office and have no time left to shed some kilograms in gym? So, the next best way is to have a healthy diet to remain fit and fine. However, the next big hurdle is to give away your favorite burgers and pizza and switch to salad.

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But today, we are going to break the myth that healthy food isn’t tasty. You might not be liking those green salads or boiled vegetables, but water is something essential that you can’t neglect. Water is the most important ingredient to maintain the efficiency of metabolism. Now what if I say that you can remain fit just by having some homemade drinks? Yes, you heard it right.

Here is the list of yummy homemade drinks that would help you quickly lose weight:

1- Coconut Water:

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That is the easiest way to remain fit. This ready made drink won’t waste a minute of yours. Have a glass or two daily. However, avoid taking it if the potassium levels in your body are high.

2- Ginger Tea:

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Well, this one is my favourite. Take a cup of water and boil it along with crushed ginger. Boil it until the color changes and the smell attracts you. Pour the tea in cup and add some honey. Stir it well and drink it hot. You can also add 2 drops of lemon juice on it. It actually helped me reduce my belly fat in 15 days.

3- Black Coffee:

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Start having a cup of black coffee before workout. Ok, it might not taste good, but will help you lose weight real quick. And obviously, avoid sugar.

4- Green Tea:

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I recently came across the meme that read, “The only way to lose weight through green tea, only if you go pluck the tea leaves on mountains by yourself.” But trust me, it does work. You can’t shift the wrong doings of your cheat meals and excessive junk food on the innocent green tea.

5- Lemon And Orange Detox Water:

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Fill your bottle with water. Cut a lemon into slices and peel off an orange too. You can either cut the orange pieces into half or slit them open. Put it into the water and keep it overnight. Cool it down in refrigerator the next morning, and then drink it. It will help you lose weight and will imrove your metablism rate too.

6- Fruit Juices: 

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Have a glass of fruit juice everyday. However, don’t have it excessively. You should have not more than 3 glasses of Juice per day.

So, what are you waiting for? Try these drinks, and make it your daily habit.

You can thank me later!!

Published by Kanika Saini on 20 Jul 2017

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