Rahul Gandhi mistakenly entered ladies toilet in Gujarat, Pics are going Viral

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Once again, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has become a laughing stock for common people and media, but this time even he himself might be feeling pretty embarrassed about it. mistakenly entered a ladies toilet at an event in Gujarat and the pictures are now going viral on social media. He was on a trip to poll-bound Gujarat between 9-11 October when on Wednesday he met youngsters. After the event ended, he went to the toilet, but accidentally entered women’s loo.

There was a signboard outside the loo on which it was written ‘Mahilao Mate Shauchalya’ in Gujarati. His commandos soon realized that Rahul is going to the wrong washroom, and went behind him to stop. However, it was too late, and Rahul had already entered there, but he realised it within seconds, and immediately came out.

Women present at the moment took pictures of Rahul coming out of the washroom. And in no time, these pictures were shared on Twitter as well. \

Have a look:

Well, though the signboard read ‘Gujarati’, but a person who knows hindi can easily get an idea about what is written there. Do you agree?


Published by Kanika Saini on 12 Oct 2017

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