Rangoon – Rechristened Julia.

Rangoon is unapologetically a film that rides on Kangana, for Kangana and by Kangana.

In spite of having two Heroes, it’s Kangana Kangana all the way yet again.


Does it entertain? – Yes it does.

Does it surpass the expectations one may have from a Vishal Bharadwaj Film? It doesn’t.

Is kangana good in this film? She is brilliant.

How about Saif? – excellence in his presence.

Shahid Kapoor? Just another role.


Rangoon is definitely one of the good films coming from VB Films but it is indeed not better than what has been in the offering by this ace director. With his very recent Haider, he has raised the bar of expectations high and this time he disappoints a bit if not large.


The film has a brilliant war back drop that is engaging but lacks gravity. The love triangle is evident but lacks the complexity a love triangle brings in. The film has the director as Vishal Bharadwaj but lacks his cinematic thump that usually brings a big wow factor. In spite of his commercial approach the film may not be liked by a larger audience considering its length and its slow-fast pace. His fans would expect more from him. Having said all this yet Rangoon is definitely not a disappointment. It has Kangana Ranaut who doesn’t fail to impress.


Rangoon is a platform where Kangana performs, performs and performs. She is vulnerable, strong and confident making Julia look fab. She makes the film look beautiful with her presence. She is as fresh as lily in the song Tup Tup, the choreography, the song essence is all right and is beautifully shot. Bloody Hell and Mere piya have a great cinematic watch too. Alvida also rings in the right time bringing in the interval with not much fire.


The film is set in pre-independent era, world war II is under execution and it forms a huge war canvas that is believable. The romance is esthetic but it doesn’t really fire the belly for the intense triangle to create the right tension amongst the audience. What it lacks is the passion of the characters that are sketched by the ace director integrating the plot unfolding each element giving you a wow factor. Rangoon doesn’t do that. It simply entertains you in bits and pieces but not as a whole. Maqbool, Omkara and very recent Haider left you spell bound Rangoon doesn’t.


Nevertheless, it is Julia who ensures you are entertained on your ticket to Rangoon.


PK Verdict: Silver***

Published by vaidehi on 24 Feb 2017

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