Relationship Seems To Be Pathetic? Search For These Signs

Ups and down in any relationship is a common phase where both the partners exiting. It is a situation where nothing seems to be right and everything seems to be wrong. The love, affection and attraction, everything seems to be poisonous and it compels people to leave it and move on. But moving on is not that easy as it seems. It takes days to bear the pain and forget the moment which you both shared.

However, the main puzzle always remains to be is when is the correct time to move on….

So, here we have brought some of the tips that will bring clarity to the situation- when to move on.

  • The last time you both shared a laugh: When you both are happy with each other, the smile is every day’s friend. But when there is no common reason to laugh, there is an alarm to either rectify or wait for consequences. Image Source
  • You are mostly listening to sad songs: When the relationship gets bitter, there are most likely chances that you are sad and in that sadness, your mobile phone has Charlie Puth in your music list. Image Source
  • You just explained yourself in last few months: When everything is not good between the two, what happens all the time is self-explanation. So, if you have been explaining each other from a few months, it’s time to re-think. Image Source
  • You have been dictated all the time: When the relationship is on the verge of breaking, the partners usually dictate each other. They try to control their life with what they think and do. Image Source
  • You two have sex as history: When everything is fresh and happy, sex and love are always in the air. But when things are getting old and frustratingly bad, the sex and love are lost. There will be months and months when you will not have good sexual relationships and this would be the time when you have to think over. Image Source
  • You feel complete with other: When you have stress building in your relationship, there are often chances that you will be attracted towards other. Image Source
  • Your survival is with mobile phones: When your real world does not have peace, the virtual world seems to be confining and peaceful. You often spend your whole day with it. Image Source
Published by vaidehi on 22 Feb 2017

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