Rocky Slams Haters Who Accused Hina Of Badmouthing Shilpa Referring Her As Call Girl

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Hina Khan is one contestant of the Bigg Boss 11 who has remained in the news throughout the show for all the wrong reasons. The contestants inside and the celebs and viewers were all blaming her for her bad behaviour and arrogance. From insulting people to slut-shaming to badmouthing the contestants, Hina has done all in the house.

These things have definitely ruined her image but it seems Hina is not bothered about what people are thinking about her.

Recently, in a viral video, Hina was seen badmouthing Shilpa Shinde calling her a call girl. The video left the diehard fans of Shilpa and the public fuming.

However, now Hina’s beau Rocky Jaiswal has come to her rescue and questioned people about the same. Hina was badly slammed by the haters for her harsh and inappropriate comment.

Talking about the entire fiasco, Rocky said, “Firstly, How do you know that Hina said the words ‘call girl’? Do you have the audio proof of Hina saying those words? It was a lip movement and the video’s audio was muted. Some fan, who is another contestant’s fan, posted the video and blew the entire thing out of proportion. So that was very bizarre from the fan’s point of view… Only because it is tarnishing their celebrity’s name in an attempt to tarnish somebody else’s name.”

He further added, “Secondly, a lot of alternatives have come up as to how Hina said ‘chawl girl’ and ‘naukar’, which I think probably Hina must have said because the conversation was about how she spoke to Shilpa near the washroom. People should use their brains and understand that Vikas was there at the table during this conversation. He is somebody who has never attempted or encouraged such statements. Arshi was standing there and if Hina had indeed called Shilpa a ‘call girl’, do you really think Arshi would have kept quiet and not reacted? Arshi did not even keep quiet when Hina used to say good things about Shilpa.”

Lastly concluding, Jaiswal said, “Aap yeh socho ki aap ultimately kissi naa kissi aurat ko badnaam kar rahe ho. Aur iss attempt mein toh dono ke baare mein bura bola gaya hai. So, I think it is very disappointing from anybody’s point of view.”

Published by Harmisha Chauhan on 13 Jan 2018

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