Sakshi Dhoni Brutally Abused Online For Tweeting Against MSD’s Aadhaar Details Leak

A couple of days back, the wife of Indian Cricket Player MS Dhoni, Sakshi Dhoni had banged the e-commerce agency CSC because of revealing the details of her husband’s Aadhaar Card on the internet. She had slammed the agency for disclosing the official information of the cricket player through the micro-blogging website, Twitter. The IT Ministry also reacted strictly against the e-governance agency for revealing the most confidential details of MS Dhoni.

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On the other hand, the Twitteratis started trolling the situation and directed into completely a different level. They have trolled and abused the wife of Cricket Player Sakshi Dhoni for mentioning it on Twitter. This incident had made all the people shocked on the internet. Some of them also made Sakshi Dhoni and MS Dhoni vigilant over this issue. They have posted some alert kind of tweets on Twitter so as to make them alert on this issue. Here are some of the tweets that the Twitteratis posted on the micro-blogging website. Have a look!

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Initially, Sakshi had posted a tweet to Rabi Shankar Prasad on Twitter.

@rsprasad Sir I m talking about the application which was tweeted along with picture by @CSCegov_

Later, Ravi Shankar Prasad had replied to the tweet of Sakshi Singh Dhoni as:

“@SaakshiSRawat: Thanks for bringing this to my notice… Sharing personal information is illegal. Serious action will be taken against this.”

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Check out the pictures of the tweets of reactions of Netizens over this issue.

Immediately, Sakshi had given reply to the tweets of people who had warned them about the leaks of Aadhaar Card details.

“Thanks to all the unknown ppl who msged me to warn me about the leak of personal info last evening…#makeindiasecure”

Later, the trolls have diverted towards indecency and left speaking about the valid point. Some of the people have started abusing and trolling Sakshi Dhoni for becoming the wife of a celebrity cricket player and also for becoming a particular location of the country.

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After all cheap tricky by Bihari bride after all she is from lalu fox fooder scam lol

Problem is that, she wants money for the Aadhaar promotion. Second, Dhoni rejected for award.

Only terrorist and anti-national leftist want privacy. But, we common people want transparency.

The reaction of all the people on Twitter is quite offensive. It is pretty shocking that the people took this debate of Aadhaar to something else and abused her brutally.

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