Senior Journalist Accompanying Mamata Banerjee Caught Stealing Cutlery In Edinburgh Hotel – Fined 50 Pounds!

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A journalist accompanying West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on her trip to Scotland in 2017 was caught stealing cutlery at a dinner party hosted in a luxury hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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The journalist, who is aged around 60, initially denied the charge and even tried to get out of trouble by putting the stolen item inside the bag of a fellow journalist from a Bengali news television channel. But he was caught on security cameras installed inside the banquet hall and had to give in. The hotel staff threatened to hand him over to the police but finally let him off with a fine of 50 pounds.

A Bengali tabloid carried a report on January 8 but mistakenly stated that it happened in London.

“The scribe in question works for a Bengali daily with limited circulation but figures among journalists known to be close to the Bengal chief minister. In the past, he had been part of media teams that went abroad with Banerjee,” said one of the editors on condition of anonymity.

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“The scribe had to pay the fine from his own pocket. It became a shameful episode since Bengalis living in Edinburgh, who were otherwise enthused to see the chief minister in their city, came to know about the theft,” said the editor.

According to reports, the CM was very angry to know about the incident next day.

Published by Bhaumik Raja on 10 Jan 2018

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