Shilpa Shetty Goes Vegetable Shopping With Son In The Most Unique Way. Watch Video

Shilpa Shetty is currently an Instagram sensation with about 3.5 million followers. She keeps on posting pictures of delicious food on her official Instagram account and leaves all her fans drooling over it. But for the first time she has shared the backstage video. In her latest video, she has moved back to Step 1 which includes procuring fresh vegetables to cook delicious food.

For those who think that she asks her servant to get the groceries, or herself pays a visit to the supermarket, then you are extremely wrong. Because this time, she has shared a video where she went for vegetable shopping in a farm along with her adorable son.

She wrote, “Vegetable shopping at the farm with my son yesterday, chose my cauliflower, cabbage, beets, sugar snap peas, and fresh.#Nongmo#organic #swastrahomastraho #health#TheArtOfLovingFood



Shilpa can be seen choosing fresh cabbage from the farm along with her son. She also reveals that the vegetables are organic and therefore, very healthy. We are not shocked about this because we know that Shilpa is very health conscious who pays required attention to her food habits and yoga too.

She shared another video where she can be seen Cherry picking at the farm. Even the fruits were organic. Shilpa being a family person didn’t pick these veggies and fruits for herself, but for her family.

She wrote, “Cherry picking at the farm today.. Got all my fruit ( for the family not me, lovvve fruit can’t wait for Monday ) and veggies ( all organic and fresh) Enjoyed the process.Sooo much fun 😬 #farmfresh#noaddedsugar #detox #organic #cherries#swasthrahomastraho

Recently, she took to instagram to share a video of herself giving some health tips with her followers.

She wrote, “Okay guys I know I promised a’s 3 (sorry timings r different as I’m in London). Throwing you a challenge, I’m doing it,( mines even more difficult as I’ve ditched sugars ,dairy n gluten🙈 )let’s see if u can ditch just SUGAR ( I know you can).You will see great results. #ditchthesugar CHALLENGE. Pls post me before after Images after 2 weeks ( 17 th July Monday)the best 3 results will get a call from me with a surprise. Ps: NO Fizzy drinks(not even diet ones)🙄sugary cereals or Alcohol 🙏All the best #ditchthesugar#challenge #bestrong #labelreading#alkalinebody”

She has challenged her followers with a 3 week challenge in which they will have to post a before-after image after they ditch sugar. 3 lucky winners will get a call from her.

Many fans have happily taken up her challenge.


Published by Kanika Saini on 12 Jul 2017

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