Shocking! This Political Leader calls Kamal Hasan, a Third Grade Actor

The clash between actor Kamal Hasan and the ministers of Tamil Nadu took an ugly turn when the ministers called the actor a third-grade actor.

Kamal is currently busy hosting the show Bigg Boss Tamil. There is a spat going on between him and the ministers of the state. And it got worse when Tamil Nadu’s law minister C V Shanmugam referred Kamal as a “third-rate” actor who was willing to do anything for money. It was a blatant attack by the minister on actor based on personal terms.

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All this debate started when Kamal recently presented his opinions about the current stage of his state. He has said that Tamil Nadu has overtaken Bihar when it comes to corruption. Kamal also added that no government department in the state was clean.

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It was the time when the minister attacked back at Kamal by pointing out his personal life scenario.

He called him a “third-rate actor” who has no scope in films. Plus, he is pointing out the actors illegal live in relationship with actress Gauthami. The minister said that he was living with a lady without marrying her and then parting ways from her.

“It is strictly against our culture.”

“He is hosting a TV show called Bigg Boss just for the sake of money. The entire show is under his control. The contestants of the show have been making casteist remarks against the socially backward people. I urge Kamal be booked under the Prevention of Atrocities Act,” he said.

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He then called Kamal a man, not with a clean character who has no right to speak about women rights and to interfere in government matters.

It is not only Shanmugam but also Minister for Municipal Administration S P Velumani and Information Minister Kadambur Raju warned Kamal for ‘tax audits’ and ‘federal action’ if he did not stop criticizing the government.

Let’s see what Kamal has to say about all these objectifications. Now it has not left just a matter of professional things as personal matters are also involved in the spat.

Published by Mamatha on 17 Jul 2017

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