Laugh or Worry, But A Software Engineer got a FREE Trip by Auto Driver after showing his SALARY SLIP

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Are you a Software Engineer? Well, If you are, then my sympathies are with you, and if you aren’t, then you must be friends with any software engineer, and you should show some sympathy to them. Dressed in Formal Attires, running to the job, thriving hard to complete 8 hours, being on the bench for a long time, sitting in the office overnight during peak seasons, and waiting for ages to get promoted- This is the life of engineers.

Even a cab driver earns more than an engineer. At least, this is what I have heard. And a recent incident has proved this to be true. An IT engineer just got a free ride from Auto Rickshaw driver, and we know the reason.

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The incident took place in Bangalore where the guy works for a renowned IT Company. The tired and frustrated engineer was heading towards his home, and he was trying to bargain with Auto Drivers. After sometime he managed to find the Autorickshaw driver who agreed to drop him for a staggering Rupees 200 for 5Km distance.

And then, the frustrated Engineer kept on arguing for a reasonable fair. Because Rs 200 for 5 km is actually too much (No sarcasm).  Amid the long heated discussion, Autorickshaw driver commented sarcastically for making big money in MNC yet not giving a little share of his success.

And immediately, the engineer pulled out the salary slip from his pocket to show the ‘Big Money’ he made and the auto driver was talking about. What followed was an Awkward silence as the Auto driver too was short of words.

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The driver then asked him to hop in and offered him a free ride.

The driver was later contacted, who said, “I always thought these well-dressed laptop carrying men must earn millions every year. And this is common belief for our entire fraternity hence we ask for more money. But after I saw Mr. Sasta Gulaam’s salary slip I was shocked. I earn that much in a week. Hence felt pity and decided to help him”.

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Though it might be a bit funny, it shows the dark reality of the employed youth. Well, hats off to the driver.

Published by Admin on 13 Jan 2018

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