Sonu Nigam Keeps up his Promise – Bollywood Singer Finally Appears in a Bald Look after Shaving off his Head

Sonu Nigam, the popular Playback singer from Bollywood has created massive buzz on the internet with Azaan issue. We have already seen the tweets of Sonu Nigam showing his adversary towards playing Azaan through loudspeakers every day in the early morning. He posted a tweet saying that he had to wakeup abruptly because of that Azaan. Soon after making such statement, the Twitteratis on the micro-blogging website started abusing and trolling Sonu Sood after confusing with Sonu Nigam.

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When the confusion cleared away, the people have rudely responded to the statements of Sonu Nigam. One of the Muslim divine issued a fatwa against Sonu Nigam. He reportedly made an announcement that he will reward Rs 10 Lakhs for the person who cleanly shaves the head of Sonu Nigam to totally bald. Sonu Nigam had finally made the words of the priest true and completely shaved off his head. Now, everyone is thinking whether the Muslim fatwa will offer him the assured reward of Rs 10 Lakhs.

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Sonu Nigam Finally Clean Shaves his Head

In order cut short the process of shaving his head by someone else, Sonu Nigam had shaved his head without the interference of others. Now, the person who made an announcement of offering a reward of Rs 10 Lakh must keep ready the huge lump of amount. We can witness Sonu Nigam in bald head from the below pictures.

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Sonu Nigam took his Twitter account so as to clarify some things to the people. He had clearly explained that he doesn’t have any sort of intentions insulting other religions and prayers. He just mentioned about the usage of loudspeakers but not about the prayers. Here is his actual statement about his true intentions about prayers of people:

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“Azaan is important, not loudspeaker. Aarti is important, not loudspeaker.”

Sonu Nigam took the words of some fatwa and followed him so as to prove his truthfulness. With this bizarre and unexpected move from Sonu Nigam, all the people on Twitter have started respecting him.

Check out the reactions of Twitteratis with Sonu Nigam’s Gusty Move:

“The gap between reel & real has rarely been so blurred. Life imitating Big Boss. Sonu Nigam shaves his head after cleric’s threat.”

“#SonuNigam shaves his head after the fatwa raised on him to award Rs. 10 Lakh to whoever shaves his head. What a move. Respect @sonunigam”

Sonu Nigam also highlighted that his move by shaving his head is just to prove his genuineness and requested him not to take it as a challenge.

Published by Mamatha on 19 Apr 2017

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