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The video of the Unerase poetry is going viral these days where people are watching the video and sharing their comments on this in huge number over the time. In the video, a girl stands brave enough to talk about sensitive issues in most acerbate manner that strikes right in the head of the person watching it. This video is very bold and all the credit goes to the girl in the video who showed a true courage to speak about such matters and put all of us into a mind full of questions. She tries to bring a new change in the perception of the people having towards girls and this video can actually get your Goosebumps wore on.

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The video starts with a girl standing in front of mike and starts saying, “the first boy who held my hand told me, boys don’t want to hear about vaginas bleeding. Younger me could smell the misogyny. Vaginas are only meant to be fucked and Breasts only meant to be sucked. Mouths are meant only to blow. It’s true I know. My waist meant to be compared to an hour glass and my voice only meant to quiver, “OH, PLEASE FAST.” Yet Iam silenced.”

She further continued saying, “For all, we boil down to is sexual interaction, not just me, my sisters, mothers, friends all quicken their pace post 8.30 in the evening. My mom telling me to wear skirts out less often, Nirbhaya and more left forgotten. We don’t want to be another of India’s daughters, do we?  So I wear my jeans long and wear my tops high. Don’t want to be mistaken for wanting it. Cause if I wear less, Iam more than just flaunting it, Iam risking it. Risking not my virginity but my life.”

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Such a compelling spoken word performance by the girl is put forward where everyone after reading it has few thoughts running in their minds. We as people of the society should start changing our mind especially when it comes to stopping girls rather than stopping boys.  This word of performance puts a sense of new hope to bring in safety for girls in the society by not asking them to be in the houses but the need to teach boys to change their mind set and the safety begins from home. There is more to video and you should watch the video now if you haven’t watched it yet.

Such a compelling spoken word performance!!!🎙💪🏾

Posted by Stirred Up on Freitag, 28. April 2017

Published by Mamatha on 09 May 2017

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