Sunil Grover Advises Kapil Sharma To Stop Acting Like A ‘God’

Everything is not well in the paradise that we all know as ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Everything went downhill after Kapil allegedly slapped his co-comedian in the show- Sunil Grover. Since then it has been a twitter rage between the two stars. Playing back and forth, exchanging Twitter and Facebook posts, no one seems to back down from this fight. However, they are not fighting per se.

However, they are not fighting per se. We think. Kapil tweeted last night apologising to Sunil.


Mr Grover was quick to reply with a note of his own.

Kapil seemed to have taken this note on a very positive note. His tweets later on, proved the same.



Ever since, the twitteratis are going gaga over the infamous feud. That is, if there is any feud left. And from the looks of it, the fire has died down. In case,it has not, twitter is the center stage of controversies and we will give you updates if there seems to surface any.


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By: vaidehi
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