Sunil Grover Made this Surprising Statement about the Comedian Kapil Sharma

The raging issue in the Television industry in the current times is undoubtedly between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover. Since a long time, Sunil Grover had stopped speaking to Kapil Sharma for his alleged fight in public over a flight. If you are not aware of what had actually happened with these two, we are here to remind it to you in brief. During the on-going episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, Kapil had ostensibly thrown his shoe at Sunil Grover.

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Later, Kapil Sharma slapped Sunil on a flight during their return to India after completing some show in other country. After slapping him in front of the public, Sunil Grover then came out of the Kapil Sharma Show. Not only Sunil but, many other comedians on this show have boycotted the show for Kapil’s egoistic behaviour. Several celebrities have allegedly interfered in the discussion and started blaming Kapil Sharma.

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Due to this issue, the TRP ratings of the show as well as the channel have reduced a lot. Kapil Sharma apologised Sunil Grover and asked him to return back to the show through his social media profile. Many other celebrities have pleased Sunil to come back to the show. But, he didn’t accept their words and started taking part in other shows. These two comedians have become main headlines daily.

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Appreciation for the Honesty of Sunil Grover

The current latest news is that Sunil Grover had recently called Kapil Sharma as friend-turned-foe in some interview. The way out of Sunil Grover from The Kapil Sharma Show has become an old news on the media and news. Despite the comedians and other popular Bollywood celebrities urged Sunil to patch up with Kapil, he had overlooked at their words. Sunil is currently focussing on his live shows without taking part in TKSS.

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This terming of Sunil had astonished everyone during the interview. In the recent times, Sunil Grover participated in a live show held in Dubai and acquired immense response from the audience. Gulf News asked Sunil Grover regarding the perceptions about Kapil Sharma, he then stated as: “a great comedian who makes the whole nation (India) laugh.”

Regardless of several issues between the two, Sunil Grover had praised the comic in Kapil Sharma. We truly hats off the humbleness and truthfulness of Sunil Grover. Grover also spoke about his prevalent character as Dr. Mashoor Gulati.

Published by Mamatha on 25 Apr 2017

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