Switzerland Cows are been fit with fistulas or cannulas by farmers? Why?

Invasive Technique to check Cow’s nutrition in Switzerland : The Framers in Switzerland is fitting fistulas or Cannulas by making big holes in the cows. They have done this fitting in almost 14 cows by now.  The farmers say that the whole made in the cows are fitted with fistulas or cannulas which will be in the external pipe form and connects the digestive track of the cow.  When asked for the reason for doing so, the farmers say that they do so that it gets easy for the framers to access and examine the cows.  A deep research was examined and investigated on the action of fitting the cannulas inside the cows in Switzerland and as per the results, the framers needs a better study and understanding related to the nutrition portion of the cow. The farmers must know about the procession of the food in the cows as well.

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Farmers fit 8-inch deep cannulas towards the sides on cows!

We got to know the reason behind the farmers fitting the cannulas inside the cows. But, have you wondered how deep these cannulas are? Well, the Farmers in Switzerland fit 8 Inches deep fistulas on the sides of the Cows which will further help the farmers to track their digestive system and examine it in detail. With the examination in process, the farmers will also get to know how much food is to be given to the cows and hence also make them understand the process of food feeding in detail.

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These fistulas/ cannulas are 8 inch deep and they come in the rubber plug style at the end that can also be shut when the examining process is done. Moreover, by doing so, the farmers are getting to acknowledge different forms of oats and other crops and then the further research will be put under examination on the cows. As the technology is getting advanced, this advanced system is also make things easy and better for the farmers which will also help them improve their farming methods. As per the resources, this invasive technique practice was done many years back already in 1920s. All the system around is getting healthy now around the cows which will also be beneficial in developing healthy castle with different varieties of crops. Yet, the other beneficiary thing about adapting the invasive technique is that the fistula cow will have a great life span.

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Published by Mamatha on 13 Apr 2017

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