TAMASHA – Your Fun Ticket for this November

Posted on September 23, 2015 at 1:55 PM

TAMASHA – Your Fun Ticket for this November

TAMASHA – Your Fun Ticket for this November.

The Director with the Midas touch is back bringing you a story of Ved & Tara as Ranbir & Deepika perform Dobaara under his direction. All who have performed under this director have absolutely shined. Here comes the theatrical trailer of Tamasha leaving you crave for more. Take a look.



The Tag Line of Tamasha – Why always the same story? Gives you a thought the movie claims to be different which all Bollywood movies do end up saying the same thing with the end result too being the same delivering the same thing.

But that’s not the tag line meant. We get the insight from the director on the Tag Line – Tamasha is a story of the regular guy who breaks being stereotype and doesn’t fall prey to the same protocol. Someone who takes control of his life and decides that this is not what he wants to be in life and isn’t enjoying and proceeds towards the change. This change brings in the new Tamasha altogether. Not giving you much on the plot. Yet it’s a conflict within, an underlying thing in the character Ved enacted by Ranbir Kapoor that will bring Tamasha live on screen along with Tara enacted by Deepika Padukone making their much awaited release.

tamasha (1)

So as soon as you enter the trailer; you hear the curious voice of RK to asking “Papa!! main ek kahaani sunayun” that’s what the movies should bring in – The Story Telling. There are very few who do some story telling in their movies rest all are eagerly selling one thing or the other. And you enter their world with the next line “Once upon a time…..” Hero is the word we have heard so many times in the recent past that we do get annoy listening to this that there was a man named Hero but soon this fades off when you see there is Ved too who is bored of being an engineer; living a profession he doesn’t like. Than somewhere far in Corsica a Deepika brings in the fresh breeze and than they play Bollywood-Bollywood Don & Mona Darling. They fall in love of course and than as all love stories would have one conflict or the other. They bring in the conflict within the characters they play without giving you much insight with Deepika stating this is now what I was looking.


“Wahi kahani phir ek baar majnu ne diye kapde phaar”. With some such great recitals Ranbir Kapoor brings you his Tamasha on screen along with Deepika in the grand representation on celluloid. The soul creator A.R. Rahman back again with his musical notes in Tamasha definitely makes us wait for the music release too.


Deepika is stellar and delivers at ease yet again. For Ranbir this would bring him in the game again where success of the films matter. However, for an actor he is – Box Office tamasha doesn’t matter much to him. He is indeed a great performer. Hopefully, he would bring in his charm back again with Tamasha. Stay tuned at PK Verdicts to see yet another stellar from the Ace Trio.


PK Verdict: GOLD****

-Prakash Khetpal

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