The Unknown Last Rites of Members of Kinnar Community and Social Service

The Kinnars are people that are an isolated community and often discriminated by society. They are there whenever there is a birth in the area to leave their blessings. So people give them money in return for pronouncing blessings to welcome the new birth into this world. They are also present at the time of marriages to cast blessings on the newly wedded couple. However not all people know much about these Kinnars. All the common man knows about them is that they live a slightly different life from the ‘normal people.’ It is not just their life that is kept a secret but even their death that is kept a secret.

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Kinnars in Social Service: In an earlier incident dating back to October 2014, a group of people from this community involved in an action that they deserve credit for. There were two groups that indulged in violence and the members of the Kinnar community stood in the way to stop the violence threatening to strip. This made the attacking group to disperse. After that they handed over brooms to the people of both groups to help them clean up the mess of stones and glass pieces that were strewn on the roads. Although they indulge in these activities where even the people responsible are wary of going they are subject to discrimination.

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Some can Foretell Death:  It is said that some but not all of the members of the Kinnar community can actually tell when their death is nearing. There are some Kinnar gurus or even born Kinnars who can tell when their death is coming. They sit at a corner not going out to places. Others from various places go to visit them as Kinnars nearing death are considered highly spiritual. They refrain from eating food or even drinking beverages. However they sip water at times. Moreover during these times the dying Kinnar will go completely into a spiritual meditation as he knows that his death is near.

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Other Kinnars sit around and pray that the member’s sins are forgiven.  They also wish for the Kinnar not to be reborn a Kinnar in the next life. The community members also do not consume food for a week after the Kinnar’s death. Moreover it is kept a secret so last rites are performed at night. Other rites include carrying the dead to the crematorium standing not lying and removing jewellery and tags or ropes as if all ties with the world are gone. They are washed and cremated just like other people.

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By: Mamatha
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