This Couple Are Happily Living Inside The Sewer Since 22 Years

Happiness Is Never About Living In A Luxurious House- A Sewer Can Be A Home Too!!

The world is full of different and amusing incidents that might shock you at first and make you think bizarre at the next moment. But as they are all true, there is nothing to hide just like a couple who have spent 22 years of their life in a sewer and still continuing the home.

Yes, you get that right- A Home Sweet Home In Sewer!
This is shocking but ultimately, this is all true. While you first watch this man coming out of the sewer, you would assume that he might a sewer maintenance person but the reality is that he has been a resident of that place since the 22 years. This man has not only made this his home-sweet-home but he and his wife has been decorating and maintaining the same house since 22 years. The another family member that shares the space is their family dog who has been too loyal to walk out of the sewer.
The family celebrates the new year and homecoming in the same sewer that is the paradise of their dream. But this paradise somewhere turns to hell when it rains. However, Miguel Restrepo and Maria Garcia never let this spoil the taste of their happy living. They are happy continuing in the same space.
People find happiness in things that could be bizarre for others!! This story is a living example!

Watch the news cover by BBC.

Published by vaidehi on 13 Feb 2017

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