This Couple Ended Up In Hospital When They Used Plastic Bag Instead Of Condom

Usually, doctors suggest couples to make use of condom for protected sex. While purchasing condoms, people must make sure that they are safe, and branded. There are different flavours of condoms that aid the people in having protected sex and also lessen spreading of STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). In addition, condoms also help us in lessening the chances of getting pregnancy. In general, there are condoms for both men and women. During every single intercourse of men and women, they must make use of the condoms and diminish the risk of getting some diseases like gonorrhoea, HIV/AIDS and many more.

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Plastic Bag used as Condom Alternative

We have discussed about condom in order to explain the risk of using a plastic bag instead of a secure condom. In Vietnam, a couple had hospitalised in the capital of the country Hanoi. The reason behind their admittance into the hospital is due to their injuries at the time of having sex intercourse. The couple had made use of a plastic bag for protected sex rather than using a condom. Due to their sexual intercourse using plastic bag, the couple resulted in genital lesions, bleeding and abrasions.

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Couple Resulted in Serious Injuries

The young woman and man used a plastic bag as an alternative to condom for protection as they were too timorous to go out and purchase condoms. Also, the couple had placed antibiotics so as to get rid of any kind of infection that could affect the couple during their intercourse. As per the reports from the Vietnamese newspaper Tuoi Tre, the couple had finally admitted to the hospital because of their serious injuries after having sex with each other.

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Doctors’ Suggestions

After admitting the couple to the hospital in Vietnam, the doctors have explained that using a plastic bag instead of condom is quite unscientific. Because of using the plastic bag, the couple had injured severely and ultimately resulted in scratches and tearing of vagina in the young woman. The doctors also said that the plastic bags are liable to ripping and doesn’t offer good protection during sex.

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This incident has brought some awareness among the people in Vietnam regarding protected sex and sex education as well. As per the results shown in a recent study in Hanoi Medical University and Hanoi Medical College, about 2700 students from the university have uncovered that about 16% of them used condoms while the remaining 25% of the were discomfited in purchasing condoms.


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