This Is How Wearing Skinny Jeans Effecting Your Health Badly

Skinny jeans can be hazardous to girls and girls have to be careful to see what they are wearing! It can stop the circulation of blood in the body

Skinny jeans are treated as a trend of fashion that can also create huge health hazards to girls. Actresses prefer wearing skinny jeans because of which it might create health problems in the later life. Doctors have revealed a very special case in which a 35-Year-old woman who was wearing tight jeans for four days had to be hospitalised.

The jeans had to be cut off from her legs to remove it completely. Compartment Syndrome is one problem which can be caused with skinny jeans as it can damage the nervous system. Women’s ankles can also get weakened by continuous wearing and there might be swelling in the ankles.

The unnamed woman in the hospital had to face swelling of nerves and blood reduced in her legs. Her feet went numb and she fell to the ground. Boys nowadays also wear skinny jeans which is not at all good for them. Harry Styles, Nial Horan and Russell Brand are some of the celebrities which are most often seen wearing skinny jeans that can be hazardous for them in the future.

The Islamic States have imposed jail for 10 days for those men who wear skinny jeans which are not good for them. Too tight shoes also should not be preferred because it can cause bunions which can cramp the muscles in the legs and anyone can fall down easily.

So beware!!

Published by vaidehi on 09 Feb 2017

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