This Is How You Chop Onions Correctly In Case You Didn’t Know Already

Cooking is not that tough job at all thinks if it is done in the correct and organized way. But one of it’s things like cutting onions is a tough task as doing something big or difficult if not done in a proper manner. Tears in the eyes are the obvious result if the onion cutting is done in the wrong way and it does not do anything good to but adds on to your irritation level while you are doing cooking stuff or so. To overcome this problem we YouTube chef Jack Scalfani has shared his experience and techniques of how well an onion can be chopped without getting tears I your. . He has told some of the steps that are to be followed

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1-What type of knifes is used while cutting the onion 
The most important thing in cutting the onion is the selection of the knives for better cutting. As per 
the standard size of the onion we should use the small knife, as it will go deeper inside the onion 
inner base. One thing more you should keep in mind that the knife should be as sharp as the onion 
base is hard. It will help you with the smooth cutting and will avoid cuts in your hands

2-Find the base of the onion

This can sound as difficult as anything else if you are doing this for the first time or you are not in the habit of cooking or even you don’t know how to cook this technique can help you solve your problem. In this you hold an onion in your hand and try to find the base of the onion from where you can start the further process.


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3- Then comes the peeling of the base of the onion

when it comes to the peeling of the onion you must make sure that you choose a knife which is small in size so that you can peel the onion in a very deep and sharp way without any hindrance. Make sure that you start peeling where you have found the base of the onion.


4- How to cut the onion correctly

In this process of cutting the onion correctly, we need to make sure that we need to keep a thin circle on root or the top of the onion and the base of the onion so that is resulted in smoother cutting. In this make sure that you or anyone cutting the onion be safe from the knife as it hurts your hands if not done in the correct way.


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5-Then cut the piece like a cone

In this we have to use the base of the onion and cut that base in the cone shape and take out the inner piece of the onion easily with the help of your hands. In this you can use the plastic gloves to make sure that your hands don’t get dirty. It can be a time consuming process, but it’s better to take time rather than tears in the eyes. In this you get the result right, but you also lose the good portion of the onion until and unless it is used in your dish again.



CONCLUSION– These onions make you cry as it contains some chemicals that are sulfur based and get the hell out of your eyes and make your cooking process delayed or irritated. But on the other hand, these can’t be avoided as well as it makes your dish tastier. Some of the people can avoid putting onions in the dish to overcome this, but those who want to enjoy this can use these steps to do their work with ease and comfort.

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