This Is What The Shape Of Your Feet Says About Your Personality

Your Foot Shape Says a Lot about You

If you have ever heard somebody looking at your feet and then saying something about you, it may be true. Here are different feet shapes that tell a lot about your personality.

  1. Egyptian Foot: This is one of the most common foot shapes. The tallest toe is the big toe and each toe shortens down till the little one. People with this foot shape are loners, secretive and have lot of mood swings.
  2. Roman Foot: The name comes from those of public figures who were more uncommon. This is a lesser common foot shape where the third from big toe is longest. It is similar to the human hand. People who have this foot shape are sociable and friendly.
  3. Peasant Foot: In this foot shape, all toes from big toe to little toe are equal in size. The people with the angular shaped foot are practical and keep their promises. They are calm and reasonable too.
  4. Greek Foot: In this foot shape the second toe from the big toe is longer than the other toes. Such people have leadership skills and are creative & artistic. They are generally athletes. image source
  5. Little Toe Slightly Attached to Next Toe: You will find that the little toe cannot move on its own. You will have to move it with your hands. The people with these kinds of feet have a calm life. They measure it and their life is predictable. They are also workaholics and more conservative.
  6. The Little Toe Moves Outwards On its Own: The people with these types of feet are often just the opposite of the above feet type’s personalities. They are outgoing, easygoing & adventurous, and can never settle at a place as they always look for change. You can cheer them up easily offering to do things for them.image source
  7. The Smallest Little Toe: If your little toe is too small and shorter than normal it means that you will defy people’s general opinion. People with these extra small short toes like to do things their way.image source
  8. Third Toe Turned Outward: In this foot shape the third toe from the big toe turns outward. People with this foot type are very organized and they are well in control of situations and plan everything in advance.
  9. Gap in Between Second & Third Toe: People with this shaped foot make great diplomats, analysts, traders and can separate emotion from logic perfectly.
  10. image source

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By: Mamatha
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