This Kashmiri Girl Makes All Indians Proud by Becoming India’s Youngest Pilot

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Read the story of a girl from Kashmir who became the youngest pilot in the country. This Kashmiri girl has turned out her impossible things into possible ones and accomplished all her dreams and made them true in her real life. She is Ayesha Aziz hails from Kashmir became the youngest student pilot in the year 2011 and she had acquired the pilot license as a student from the Bombay Flying Club when she was at an age of 16 years.

After receiving the commercial purpose pilot license, Ayesha has started making her dreams come true. She started flying on airplanes and can you guess her age now. She is just 21 years old and finally become the youngest pilot in the country. Here is the complete story of Ayesha Aziz who has reached her goals and made every Indian look proud at her. Have a look!

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Ayesha turns out as a Youngest Pilot in India @ 21

Ayesha Aziz has completed her graduation from the Bombay Flying Club in her Aviation course in the year 2016. This Kashmiri girl has flown a single-engine aircraft for about 20 hours at the time of her training session and created history in aviation field. She has a dream of touching the tip of the space in her life. As of now, Ayesha is in discussions with the Russian Agency so as to fly the MIG-29 aircraft. Ayesha’s mother is from Kashmir and she often moved to Srinagar through flight when she was a child.

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This process of landing and taking off in flight made Ayesha curious about flights. At a very young age, Ayesha discovered her dream of flying in the air on the flight. She then thought of becoming pilot and this strong decision made her the youngest pilot in India. Ayesha bags the complete credit of her success to her father Abzul Aziz. She had a great belief towards knowledge and enquiry as the crucial elements in every person’s growth in their life.

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During her training period, Ayesha also went to NASA for taking astronaut training in the year 2012. There, she encountered with some of the popular astronauts such as Jon A McBride and Sunita Williams.

We wish Ayesha Aziz to have great career in her life and reach heights in her profession. Ayesha had made all the Indians proud and set as a true inspiration for all women.

Published by Mamatha on 06 Apr 2017

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