This Man Saved A Six-Month-Old Boy And Raised Him As His Own Son; Later His Biological Father Came and Took Him Away

A true gentleman story based on humanity: A man who saved six-months old baby from an accident and then upraised him as his son for 11 years, but in-return was left with nothing.

Years ago, this man pulled out a six-months old baby from inside a bus that had crashed in the highway. The mother had died in the accident. He went around asking people and also the survivors if they knew anyone related to the baby, but he returned with no answer. As a human, he could not abandon the baby so he took him home, raised him and treated him like his own son. This young one had now become a part of his family. He considered him as his own son. All was going well when suddenly out of the blue after 11 years, the real father of that boy arrived. The father said as soon as he got to know his son survived in the accident he has rushed to meet and see him. He continued saying the baby had survived. That movement was a good cum bad time of his entire life he added.

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Yes indeed he was in peace to see the reunion of father and his son, but deeply was upset to leave him. Looking at the generosity of the man, the father than thanked him for taking care of his son for so many years and also agreed to repay for what he has done all these years for his son. On this the man replied “Look sir, I am glad you two are re-united and now if I die I will die in peace. But in-return I cannot take anything from you, because he has become my son too. I just request you to further take care of him. And that’s all I really need.” After thanking me again, they both left. That night, I could not sleep well.”

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Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an option about, but the hardest thing in the world to do. I believe after seeing this true story that the most important thing a father can do for his children is to love them like a mother. This man has truly proved himself that he is not just a hero by upbringing the unknown toddler since 11 years, but a superhero by letting him go.  He does have a big heart.  Kudos!

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Published by Mamatha on 20 Apr 2017

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